2015 Admissions Report

Undergraduate Admissions Report for 2016/17 Entry

Worcester College proved to be a popular choice for undergraduate applicants in 2015 for entry to the University in 2016/17, and the field of candidates from which students were selected showed strong academic ability and potential.  Wherever possible applicants are placed in their college of preference, but Worcester also uses the full range of subject processes to ensure that its candidates are considered for places right across the University. These inter-collegiate mechanisms aim to ensure that the outcome of applications is not affected by college choice. They include reallocating students to other colleges before interview (i.e. candidates apply to one college but are invited to interview by another) and supporting arrangements during the interview period that result in applicants being assessed by more than one college.  

Facts & Figures

(i)         59% of Worcester applicants were invited for interview in Oxford.

(ii)        81% of applicants were in subjects with pre-interview tests. 57% of candidates in these subjects were invited for interview.

(iii)       During the 10-day interview period in December 2015, over 900 academic interviews were carried out by Worcester College tutors interviewing both first-choice applicants and those seen by us as part of the mechanisms for the university-wide consideration of candidates.

(iv)       More than 200 interviews were arranged during the interview period for Worcester applicants to be assessed by other colleges, either as part of pre-agreed subject schemes guaranteeing interviews at 2 colleges, or through other inter-collegiate mechanisms.

(v)        The composition of our expected undergraduate intake in 2016 is as follows:

Gender: 52% male, 48% female
UK students: of these, 62% were educated in the State sector and 38% were educated in the Independent sector.
International make-up: 91% are UK students with 9% EU/Overseas students (representing a total of 10 nationalities).

(vi)       The overall proportion of candidates who applied to Worcester College (or were allocated to us through the open application scheme) and were made offers by us or another Oxford college was 23% meaning that Worcester candidates had the fourth highest success rate across all of the Colleges.  The comparable figure for the University as a whole was 20%.