Professor Susan Gillingham BTh, MA, DPhil, DD

Sue Gillingham
Theology and Religion
College office: 
Professor of the Hebrew Bible, Tutor in Theology

Professor Gillingham teaches on all aspects of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, including biblical archaeology, Hebrew language, literature (poetry and narrative) and the Dead Sea Scrolls; she also teaches gender studies and feminist reception history of the Hebrew Bible.

Research interests: 

Professor Gillingham's chief research interest is the Book of Psalms: this includes their setting in ancient Israelite religion and Second Temple worship; the nature of Hebrew poetry; the literary and theological shaping of the Psalter as a whole; and the reception history of psalmody over the last two and a half millennia, both in Jewish and Christian tradition. 

Selected publications: 

Her major publications include The Poems and Psalms of the Hebrew Bible (1994); One Bible, Many Voices. Different Approaches to Biblical Studies (1998); The Psalms through the Centuries (2008) and A Journey of Two Psalms: The Reception of Psalms 1 and 2 in Jewish and Christian Tradition (2013).